Come Join The Fun With Our Judo Jiu Jitsu Classes For Kids, Teens And Adults In Pompton Plains, NJ

Witness The Ultimate Martial Arts Experience At North Jersey Judo's Martial Arts Center

"Enrolling In North Jersey Judo Might Be The Best Decision You Ever Make." 

Imagine enrolling in a sport and having it change you and/or your child's life forever.

At North Jersey Judo, we have been impacting families' lives and making positive changes in our judo students since 2006.

Ramon Hernandez, 3rd Degree judo Black Belt, Multi Nationals Master medalist is Head Instructor and Owner of North Jersey Judo Martial Arts Center located in Pompton Plains, NJ.


Ramon Hernandez Winning Gold In 2008 Keystone Games In York, PA

Ramon Hernandez is well-known within the Judo community and has North Jersey Judo sanctioned with the United States Judo Federation as a charted Hudson Judo Dojo. Promoting the sport of Judo and training Judo athletes has been a life-long ambition for him.

Why Judo?

Unlike any other sport, judo is unique in instilling in its students: confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to focus. Judo also develops a level of body awareness and coordination that makes every participant a stronger, healthier and better all-around individual.

If you or your child could benefit from any of the following: 

 Greater academic achievement
 Unshakable self-respect
 Increased strength and fitness, in both mind and body
 Increased confidence and self-discipline

Then call us @ 201-206-2705 or e-mail us @ for a free trial lesson at North Jersey Judo.

Members of Team North Jersey Judo attend Kosei Inoue Clinic. Kosei Inoue was 3X Senior World Champion and 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Champion in Sydney Austrialia. Left to Right Mike Nardino, Tim Burklow Kosei Inoue & Ramon Hernandez.

Click here to read first hand testimonials from students and their parents about how enrolling at North Jersey Judo has been a positive life changing experience.

To learn more about our PeeWee Judo & Junior Judo & Teen/Adult Judo Programs Now! Call or e-mail us today @ 201-206-2705 or

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